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Richmond Heights Celebrates 100 Years

March 3, 2013

Originally published in the West End Word, Feb. 13, 2013

By Eileen P. Duggan

The city of Richmond Heights, Missouri, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, but its history goes back much further than its incorporation on Dec. 29, 1913.

Architectural conservator Peter Wollenberg (from left); Ruth Keenoy, architectural preservationist with Landmarks Association of Saint Louis; preservation historian Esley Hamilton; and JoEllen McDonald, archivist with the Richmond Heights Historical Society, stand in front of one of Richmond Heights’ century homes on Silverton Place. The home is owned by Lisa and John Klorer.       Photo by Diana LinsleyLinsley

The St. Louis suburb is celebrating all year with a series of lectures, tours, concerts, exhibits and festivals highlighting the city’s past and present. The activities cover many aspects of the city’s history from homes, neighborhoods, architecture, trees, business, hospitals, arts, literature, food, weather, war and peace.

“It’s really exciting,” said Mayor James Beck. “It’s a great thing that the city has lasted 100 years.”

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