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A Short Publishing Saga

December 27, 2017

Ah, publishing. What a crazy business.

cover imageMy novel was published in April 2016, and it’s already going out of print. Through no fault of my own. My small Missouri publisher is getting out of the business, as of Dec. 31. I expected to have until the end of the contract (in April) to arrange a new publishing avenue, but the publisher decided to speed things up. So I’ve not had time to make the switch (because I’ve been busy making a living).

Not that there are many options. Publishers don’t want to take on a previously published book unless it has mega sales figures, or so a friend who’s an agent (not mine) tells me. My book has specialized appeal — in the 21st century, a book set in the classical music world isn’t going to be a blockbuster — and needs time to build an audience by word of mouth (or tweet or click).

This I always knew. And I’m not ready to leave it to languish in the out-of-print graveyard of selected libraries and the trunk of my car. I had a story to tell. I worked hard on it, developing characters and daily schedules for them, researching pieces of music (“meticulously researched,” said a reviewer I don’t know) and obsessively plotting a timeline. My agent friend suggested this craft of writing might be satisfying in itself, with or without publication. But I already know the story. Telling it to others requires publishing.

So I want to keep it available in print and e-book form for that specialized audience to discover. That probably means going the route of the publishing arm of a well-known online bookseller sometime in the next couple of months. Not my first choice, but, as noted, the options are limited.

Through Dec. 31 (2017), the first edition of “The Not-Ready-for-Juilliard Players” is still available for purchase from Amazon, City Music or The BookHouse in Maplewood, MO. Check my Book Guide page for updates.

And, of course, in the interim, there’s always the trunk of my car.

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